Rooftop Bars In Charleston

Charleston is known for its vibrant nightlife and picturesque views, and what better way to experience both than at one of the city’s acclaimed rooftop bars? From stunning cityscapes to waterfront panoramas, these high-profile destinations offer the perfect setting to sip cocktails and soak in the charm of Charleston. So, if you’re looking for a memorable night out, here is a comprehensive list of the top rooftop bars in Charleston that you won’t want to miss.

Key Takeaways:

  • Charleston boasts some of the best rooftop bars in the city, providing breathtaking views of the surroundings.
  • These rooftop bars offer a variety of experiences ranging from sophisticated and chic to laid-back and vibrant.
  • Each rooftop bar has its own unique ambiance and features, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Don’t miss out on trying specialty cocktails and enjoying the lively atmosphere of Charleston’s rooftop bars.
  • Plan your visit in advance as some rooftop bars may have limited seating or require reservations.

Fiat Lux

Located at the luxurious Hotel Bennett, Fiat Lux is a rooftop bar that offers an unparalleled experience with breathtaking views of Charleston’s skyline and the iconic Marion Square. With its sophisticated ambiance and stunning cityscape, this rooftop bar is the perfect destination for those seeking an elevated rooftop experience.

At Fiat Lux, guests can indulge in an array of specialty cocktails crafted by expert mixologists while taking in the panoramic views of the city. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing mojito or sipping on a classic old-fashioned, each drink is meticulously crafted to perfection.

The rooftop bar at Hotel Bennett provides a refined and elegant atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a romantic date night, a celebration with friends, or a leisurely afternoon of relaxation. With its plush seating, stylish decor, and impeccable service, Fiat Lux ensures a memorable rooftop experience.

For those looking to elevate their dining experience, Fiat Lux also offers a delectable menu that showcases the finest cuisine. From small plates to indulgent entrees, each dish is made with the freshest ingredients, offering a culinary journey that complements the stunning vistas.

Rooftop Bar at Hotel Bennett

Highlights of Fiat Lux:

  • Breathtaking views of Charleston’s skyline and Marion Square
  • Sophisticated ambiance and impeccable service
  • Craft cocktails crafted by expert mixologists
  • Delicious menu featuring exquisite cuisine

Visit Fiat Lux:

Plan your visit to Fiat Lux at Hotel Bennett and experience the epitome of rooftop luxury in Charleston. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this rooftop bar promises an unforgettable experience that combines stunning views, exquisite cocktails, and delectable cuisine.

Address: 404 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM Friday – Saturday: 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM Sunday: 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Contact: Phone: (843) 999-9999 Email: Website:

The Citrus Club at The Dewberry

The Citrus Club at The Dewberry is a modern and chic rooftop bar located at The Dewberry Hotel in Charleston. Situated in the heart of the city, this rooftop oasis offers unobstructed views of the city and the sea.

Step into The Citrus Club and immerse yourself in a sophisticated yet vibrant atmosphere. The sleek and contemporary design seamlessly combines with the breathtaking views, creating an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long day of exploring Charleston or seeking a trendy spot to meet friends, The Citrus Club is the perfect destination. Sip on creative cocktails crafted by expert mixologists while enjoying the 360° panorama of Charleston.

Indulge in the Citrus Club’s curated menu, featuring a variety of signature drinks and delectable small plates. From refreshing mojitos to fine wines, there’s a beverage to satisfy every palate.

With its desirable location at The Dewberry, The Citrus Club provides an ideal setting to take in the captivating beauty of the cityscape and the sparkling sea. Revel in the stunning sunset views or marvel at the twinkling lights as night falls over Charleston.

The Citrus Club at The Dewberry Rooftop Bar

Why Visit The Citrus Club?

  • Modern and chic rooftop bar
  • Unobstructed views of the city and the sea
  • Sophisticated ambiance
  • 360° panorama of Charleston
  • Creative cocktails and curated menu

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience The Citrus Club at The Dewberry. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this rooftop bar offers a captivating blend of scenic beauty and trendy atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination in Charleston.

Features Details
Location The Dewberry Hotel, Charleston
Views Unobstructed views of the city and the sea
Atmosphere Modern, chic, and vibrant
Menu Curated selection of cocktails and small plates
Specialties 360° panorama of Charleston, creative mixology

The Cocktail Club

Tucked away on King Street, The Cocktail Club is an upscale and intimate lounge dedicated to the craft of cocktails. The rooftop deck offers a cozy and rustic atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to enjoy alfresco drinks with friends.

Craft Cocktails at Their Finest

The Cocktail Club is renowned for its expertly crafted cocktails, made with the finest ingredients and attention to detail. Their team of skilled mixologists creates unique and innovative drinks that cater to every taste bud. From classic favorites to inventive creations, you’ll find a cocktail that suits your preferences. Indulge in the rich flavors and enticing aromas, and let the expertly blended concoctions take your taste buds on a memorable journey.

An Upscale Lounge Experience

Step into The Cocktail Club and be transported to a world of sophistication and elegance. The stylish interior showcases a blend of classic and contemporary design elements, creating a chic and welcoming ambiance. Dim lighting, plush seating, and a well-stocked bar set the stage for a luxurious evening of indulgence.

A Haven on King Street

The Cocktail Club’s location on King Street, Charleston’s bustling main thoroughfare, adds to its allure. As you ascend to the rooftop deck, you leave behind the hustle and bustle of the street below and enter a tranquil retreat. The panoramic views of the city skyline and the vibrant energy of King Street make for an enchanting backdrop to your cocktail experience.

Cocktail Club Highlights: Location:
Exquisite craft cocktails King Street
Intimate and upscale lounge Charleston, South Carolina
Rustic rooftop deck
Stunning views of the city
Expert mixologists

Experience the epitome of elegance and taste at The Cocktail Club. Indulge in expertly crafted cocktails, savor the sophisticated atmosphere, and enjoy the vibrant energy of Charleston’s King Street.

The Cocktail Club

Elevé at Grand Bohemian Hotel

Elevé at the Grand Bohemian Hotel is a sophisticated rooftop restaurant and terrace located in Charleston, offering stunning panoramic views of the city. Situated at the prestigious Grand Bohemian Hotel, this rooftop dining experience combines exquisite farm-to-table cuisine with a curated drink menu.

Step into Elevé and be captivated by the elegant and contemporary design, creating a chic ambiance that perfectly complements the breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a memorable celebration, Elevé provides an unforgettable rooftop dining experience.

Farm-to-Table Cuisine

At Elevé, the culinary team takes pride in sourcing the freshest local ingredients to create a farm-to-table dining experience. From delectable seafood dishes to mouthwatering steak options, each plate showcases the flavors of Charleston while incorporating innovative twists.

Indulge in dishes such as the Seared Charleston Scallops with creamy grits and bacon jam or the Charleston Crab Cake with sweet corn succotash. Elevé’s menu is thoughtfully crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Curated Drink Menu

Complement your dining experience with handcrafted cocktails from Elevé’s carefully curated drink menu. From signature cocktails to classic favorites, there’s something for everyone. Sip on the refreshing Southern Belle, a blend of vodka, elderflower liqueur, fresh strawberries, and lemon, or try the Charleston Mule, a playful twist on the classic Moscow Mule.

For wine enthusiasts, Elevé offers an extensive selection of wines from around the world, expertly chosen to elevate your dining experience. From crisp whites to full-bodied reds, the wine menu complements the diverse flavors of the farm-to-table cuisine.

Views of Charleston
Features Description
Location Grand Bohemian Hotel, Charleston
Cuisine Farm-to-table, innovative twists on Charleston flavors
Drink Menu Handcrafted cocktails, extensive wine selection
Ambiance Sophisticated, contemporary design with panoramic views
Special Features Perfect for romantic dinners or celebrations


Located on King Street, STARS rooftop bar offers a vibrant atmosphere with stunning views of the bustling street below. Sip on an El Matador cocktail while enjoying the hustle and bustle of downtown Charleston.

Rooftop Bar King Street

About STARS Rooftop Bar

STARS rooftop bar is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Situated in the heart of downtown Charleston on King Street, this lively rooftop bar offers an unforgettable experience with its energetic ambiance and panoramic views.

Signature Cocktails

At STARS, the mixologists are known for their expertise in crafting unique and delicious cocktails. Don’t miss out on their specialty drink, the El Matador. Made with premium silver tequila, fresh lime juice, and a touch of sweetness, it’s the perfect refreshing beverage to enjoy on a sunny Charleston day.

Menu Highlights

In addition to their stellar drink menu, STARS also offers a delectable selection of food options. From artisanal flatbreads to mouthwatering sliders, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Indulge in their King Street nachos, topped with savory ingredients like house-made queso, smoked beef brisket, and jalapenos.

Live Entertainment

STARS rooftop bar also hosts live entertainment, adding to the festive atmosphere. Enjoy the sounds of local musicians as you sip your cocktail and take in the vibrant vibes of downtown Charleston.

STARS Rooftop Bar Details

Location Contact Opening Hours
King Street, Charleston 123 King Street, Charleston, SC Monday-Sunday: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM

The Rooftop Bar at The Vendue

Located in the historic French Quarter atop The Vendue hotel, The Rooftop Bar offers an unforgettable experience as Charleston’s original rooftop bar. With its prime location, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere while enjoying panoramic views of Charleston Harbor, Waterfront Park, and the iconic Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

As you ascend to the rooftop, you’ll be greeted with playful installations that add a touch of whimsy to the stunning surroundings. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a day of exploring or enhance your evening with friends, this rooftop bar provides the perfect ambiance for both casual and special occasions.

Take a seat on the chic outdoor terrace as you sip on expertly crafted cocktails, made from a selection of top-shelf spirits and fresh ingredients. From classic favorites to innovative creations, the bar’s menu offers something to satisfy every palate. Indulge in delectable small plates and flavorful tapas, perfectly complementing your choice of libations.

With its breathtaking views, sophisticated ambiance, and exceptional service, The Rooftop Bar at The Vendue is a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking to create lasting memories, celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy a night out, this Charleston rooftop bar promises an unforgettable experience that showcases the beauty of the city and its charming surroundings.

Highlights Details
Location The Vendue hotel in the historic French Quarter
Views Charleston Harbor, Waterfront Park, Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge
Ambiance Sophisticated, playful, and chic
Menu Expertly crafted cocktails, small plates, flavorful tapas
Experience Unforgettable, breathtaking, exceptional service

Uptown Social

Looking for a vibrant rooftop hangout in the heart of Charleston? Look no further than Uptown Social on King Street. This hip rooftop bar is the perfect destination for social butterflies who love to mingle, sip on delicious cocktails, and enjoy live music.

At Uptown Social, you can soak in the energetic atmosphere while indulging in tasty bar pizzas and other delectable bites. Their rooftop hangout provides a lively and welcoming ambiance, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant night out with friends or a place to meet new people, Uptown Social is the place to be. The rooftop hangout offers a wide selection of frozen cocktails to keep you refreshed as you dance the night away.

To add to the excitement, Uptown Social frequently hosts live music events, showcasing talented local artists. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove to the beats of Charleston’s vibrant music scene.

Experience the true essence of a rooftop hangout at Uptown Social and make unforgettable memories with your friends. Don’t miss out on this lively hotspot on King Street, where social butterflies come to spread their wings.

Highlights Details
Location King Street
Atmosphere Vibrant and lively
Cocktails Frozen cocktails
Food Tasty bar pizzas and bites
Entertainment Live music events

Pavilion Bar

The Pavilion Bar is an upscale rooftop oasis located in Charleston, offering an unparalleled experience with breathtaking views of the Charleston Harbor. What sets this rooftop bar apart is its exclusive feature – Charleston’s only rooftop cascading pool. Nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape, the pool provides a serene and refreshing environment, allowing guests to cool off while taking in the stunning panoramic views.

Relax in style as you indulge in a curated selection of wines and expertly crafted cocktails. The Pavilion Bar’s extensive drink menu is designed to cater to all tastes, ensuring a delightful experience for both connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts. Sip on a refreshing concoction as you soak in the beauty of Charleston Harbor, creating unforgettable memories in this rooftop oasis.

Poolside Luxury

One of the highlights of the Pavilion Bar is undoubtedly the rooftop cascading pool. Escape the heat of the day and take a dip in the cool waters while admiring the panoramic views of Charleston Harbor. Whether you’re unwinding with friends or enjoying a romantic evening, the poolside experience at the Pavilion Bar is a truly luxurious experience.

Surrounded by elegant loungers and plush seating areas, the poolside ambiance is ideal for both relaxation and socializing. Bask in the sun or find a shaded spot to lounge as you sip on your favorite beverage from the bar. The Pavilion Bar offers an exquisite ambiance where you can truly unwind and enjoy a little piece of paradise in the heart of Charleston.

A Curated Dining Experience

The Pavilion Bar goes beyond exceptional drinks and captivating views. It also offers a curated dining experience that pairs perfectly with the rooftop oasis ambiance. Sample a range of delectable small plates and expertly crafted dishes, showcasing the finest flavors of Charleston.

Small Plates Main Course Desserts
Charcuterie and Cheese Board Carolina Shrimp and Grits Warm Chocolate Brownie
Crispy Calamari Seared Scallops Fresh Berry Parfait
Caprese Skewers Grilled Filet Mignon Key Lime Tart

These tantalizing dishes elevate your rooftop experience, making the Pavilion Bar a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts seeking a blend of exquisite flavors and spectacular views that embody the essence of Charleston.

Experience the epitome of luxury and relaxation at the Pavilion Bar – Charleston’s premier rooftop oasis. Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Charleston Harbor while enjoying a refreshing dip in the rooftop pool, savoring delectable cuisine, and sipping on carefully crafted beverages. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to Charleston, a visit to the Pavilion Bar promises to be a memorable and enchanting experience.

45 Waterside

Located at the Hilton Garden Inn, 45 Waterside offers a breathtaking view of the Ashley Marina. Relax in the classy lounge and enjoy a wide selection of drinks while taking in the waterfront scenery.

Indulge in a relaxing atmosphere at 45 Waterside, nestled at the Hilton Garden Inn. Marvel at the breathtaking view of the picturesque Ashley Marina while sipping on your favorite cocktail. Whether you prefer a refreshing gin and tonic or a tropical daiquiri, the bar offers a wide selection of drinks to cater to every palate.

The chic and classy lounge provides the perfect setting to unwind after a long day of exploring Charleston. Sit back in comfortable seating, enjoy the soft music playing in the background, and let the stunning waterfront scenery transport you to a state of tranquility.

Whether you’re a guest at the Hilton Garden Inn or a local looking for a hidden gem, 45 Waterside welcomes everyone to experience its mesmerizing ambiance. Take in the breathtaking view, sip on a delicious drink, and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Charleston.

Charleston Harbor Bridge Bar

Experience breathtaking Creek Views and soak in the beauty of Shem Creek at the Charleston Harbor Bridge Bar. Situated on the modern rustic rooftop deck of the Mill Street Tavern, this rooftop bar offers a picturesque setting where you can relax and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the local marshes, the iconic Ravenel Bridge, and the boats gracefully sailing by on Shem Creek.

  • Spectacular Creek Views
  • Picturesque Setting
  • Modern Rustic Rooftop Deck
  • Stunning Marshland Views
  • Iconic Ravenel Bridge
  • Boatwatching on Shem Creek
Location: Mill Street Tavern, Charleston
South Carolina, United States
Address: 123 Mill Street, Charleston, SC 29401
Contact: Phone: (555) 123-4567

Indulge in a wide selection of craft cocktails, local beers, and fine wines while savoring the picturesque surroundings. Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot to enjoy a sunset drink or a cozy gathering place with friends, the Charleston Harbor Bridge Bar is the perfect destination to elevate your rooftop bar experience.

Charleston Marriott Aqua Terrace Rooftop Bar

Located in downtown Charleston, the Charleston Marriott Aqua Terrace Rooftop Bar is the epitome of a laid-back rooftop experience. With its prime location in the heart of downtown Charleston, this rooftop bar offers a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

As you step onto the rooftop, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking panoramic views of the picturesque river, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing cocktail, sampling handcrafted American dishes, or simply taking in the stunning scenery, the Aqua Terrace Rooftop Bar provides an unparalleled experience.

Known for its Southern hospitality, this rooftop bar is the ideal place to unwind and socialize with friends. The friendly staff and laid-back ambiance make it easy to let your worries fade away as you bask in the beauty of downtown Charleston. So, grab a seat, soak up the vibes, and savor the flavors of this rooftop oasis.

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